Hearing Aids

 Investment in Research & Development means the latest processing ‘chips’ in digital hearing aids can provide you with: much clearer hearing in background noise, much clearer dialogue on TV - programs & films, and wireless connection to mobile devices (e.g. ‘smart phones’) enabling crystal clear phone calls wherever you are. (See below).

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Unitron Moxi

A range of RIC hearing instruments for moderate - severe hearing loss with wireless connectivity to smartphones, and the option of a 'Tinnitus Masker'. NOW - rechargeable 'Tempus' platform: a 6-7 hour charge gives a full day's hearing (Moxi-Fit can also be converted!!) - simple...

  • Wireless connection to to any 'Bluetooth' mobile phone or tablet with 'U-Stream' (also a miniature 'remote control').
  • Upgradeable.
  • Fully automatic for hearing in different listening environments, including 'Moxi Now' as pictured.

Starkey Muse IQ Series

A wireless system offering complete connectivity in every situation, advanced noise-reduction technology, and now MUSIC audibility - a 'made for life' system.

Up to 24 channel, 'quad-core' processing plus the options of Remote Control, TV Streamer (sending the sounds of your TV direct to your hearing aids - even when the speakers on your set are turned down) and, if required, incorporating a function for 'tinnitus' sufferers, 'Muse' series is a system made for listening enjoyment.

Hear 'landline' &/or 'mobile' phone calls in both ears. Enjoy one-to-one conversation in difficult listening environments. For more detailed information: CLICK HERE

Oticon OPN

'Made for iPhone'. For connectivity to your phone &/or 'iPad' providing crytsal clear calls, music and 'Face-Time' or 'e-book' streaming wirelessly. Research suggests; 20% Less Listening Effort, 20% More Capacity to Remember and 30% Better Speech Undestanding.

  • The most advanced hearing aid from Oticon
  • Elegant & Discreet
  • Free downloadable 'On' App for smartphones
  • Opens the 'soundscape' to embrace multiple speakers
  • Accurate distinction between 'speech' and 'background noise'.

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