“My hearing is fine. Should I still have it tested?”

Yes. In most cases, if you suspect your hearing is okay, it usually is, but remember that hearing can gradually fade without you even noticing. A hearing test will help you spot this gradual fade, and take action against it worsening. #heybridgehearing

“Will a hearing aid cure my hearing impairment?”

No. A hearing aid is designed to help with hearing loss by amplifying sounds - Speech in particular, but it does not repair the ear. Certain surgeries and medical treatments can improve hearing though. 

“Should I use one hearing aid or two?”

It is thought that two hearing aids should be worn where the hearing impairment affects both ears. This isn’t always the case though. You should speak to your audiologist for further advice. 

“Do hearing aids work?”

In rare instances poorly fitted hearing aids do not benefit the wearer. At Heybridge Hearing we take time to ensure that you receive the right hearing aid for you and your requirements.

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