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please note - in May the Centre will close down 

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Hearing health is directly connected to overall health & well-being. With 10 years’ experience in helping people hear better, I am very conscious of what matters. Technology has greatly improved hearing aids' functionality and ease-of-use: we will match the technology to your requirements & lifestyle. Price is important - we keep our prices highly competitive.

Paul Dyer (Registered: Health & Care Professions Council). 

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Hearing Aids

Can now help in background noise (considerably), can also help Tinnitus sufferers, those with noise-induced hearing problems and can be discreet to the point of ‘invisible hearing aids’. Tried & tested systems allowing better enjoyment of films on TV, plus wireless connection to mobile phones, and even to tablets/computers, are both available and affordable. 

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With any questions you may have - we are here (Monday to Saturday) to help. Hearing is a vital sense, to be enjoyed. As an Independent, we supply all makes/manufacturers.

The very latest instruments, with Music (live & recorded) Programs & 'CROS' systems (for those with 1 good ear and 1 poor ear), can be life-transforming.

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About Heybridge Hearing Centre

Modern hearing aids have come a long way since their invention in 1898. Modern technology has helped make them a much more effective, subtle, and comfortable solution, improving the hearing of millions of people around the world. 

Now RE-CHARGEABLE systems available.

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Paul Dyer (Hearing)

Hearing Information Days - Free Hearing Advice

Every Saturday 10 am - 1pm

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We provide hearing aids, hearing aid systems, hearing protection, and tinnitus advice & help. Don’t miss out on the beauty of sound - listen in to that conversation; hear your favourite album again; and get a sense for your surroundings.

The world's smallest 'RIC' behind the ear hearing instrument is now available - very neat and very clever. 

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